Train your eYe!

Developing your photographic eye doesn’t happen overnight but there are many little habits you can implement to help kick things along. Sometimes it’s best to begin without a camera…simply look at a scene and imagine how it could be captured.


The most important yet the least talked about!

“The part of your mind that actually helps you see the world and share it with others.”

Your eye is trained and developed over time with training!

No matter what camera you are using or even a mobile, here is my tips for you:

  • The less you have to think about settings and technical details, the better!

“Keep a camera with you as much as possible!”

  • Create images that you like!

“Don’t be afraid to fail either, learn from your mistakes and keep working!”

  • Don’t just take snapshots of what you are looking at, but use it to express you!

“Take a walk around your town (without a camera) and look for photographic opportunities. The ability to take a great photograph begins before you even pick up your camera. You need to see it first.”

  • Composition: Think about your intentions to place the subject to the left, to the right or wherever you are placing it.

“Look for the light. Practice researching the best times for your area to shoot warm afternoon light and then look for locations that soak it all up.”

  • Take a simple object like a bottle of water and photograph it on an empty table against a blank wall.

Grab a friend of family member and ask them to be your model for 30minutes.

  • Practice and practice and practice… Look at others work and try to criticise yours!

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