Quick tips for the new photography lovers

When i started to get involved with photography, i used to search everywhere (in magazines of course because there was still no internet) to find some useful tips and to write them down in my photography small booklet. I know how useful are those small tips for the new learners or those willing to improve in photography!

That’s why i will keep every while posting those small quick tips…

  • When taking portrait photographs at any aperture, make sure you nail the focus on the eyes.

“The more mistakes you make, the faster you’ll learn and improve your photography skills.”

  • Using built-in flash as a primary light source can create very harsh shadows and an unflattering look.

“For each rule, there is going to be photos that disregard it and still turn out beautiful.”

  • Depth of field in photography is the relation of how sharp the plane of focus is compared to everything away from that plane.

“Remember to rotate your camera for a different look( portrait and Landscape ).This can often result in improved photographs too!”

  • Don’t shoot only from your eye level…Experiment with different angles to discover new perspectives!

“Determine what your subject is and be selective about what else is in the frame.”

  • The rule of thirds in photography is not a hard and fast rule, but a good guideline to follow instead of just placing your subject dead center by default.

“As a new photographer, you simply won’t need a lot of gear since you’ll have lots of learning to do before your skills surpass the capabilities of the kit lens.”

  • Focusing on what you love will make photography more enjoyable for you.

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