Keep in mind!

An advice for you!

Look at your photos, then figure out what photographer you are.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that in order to make more beautiful photos, we should seek to “make” not “take” photos!

When you are shooting, look at the edges of your frame.

Having a more megapixels is better? Well let’s make it that way: more megapixels = more problems!

Don’t see your photos as photos, but as works of art.

To make a photograph with emotion, put your soul in the photograph.

Buying a new camera or lens will NOT make you a better photographer!

To make better photos, you need to practice more!

Make photos that express who you are, and how you see the world!

Never compare yourself with others!

When you have nothing to shoot, go for self portrait!

One of the big myths in photography is that the bigger your camera, the more “professional” you are!

Ask yourself: “Why do i make photos?”


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