How to take a nice self portrait or selfie!


These days self portrait or selfie is quite necessary. Every social network you use asks you to upload a photo of you!

In my latest e-book “The Vision”, i talked a little bit about selfie. Download “the vision” ebook for free.


In my opinion self portrait is simply an exploration of self!.


self portrait


What Gear Will You Need for Self Portraits?

If you are interested in a self-portrait that is more than a classical one, you have to use the following items with a camera:

  • A tripod to put the camera on
  • A remote to click the shot from a distance also the self timer with 10 seconds can do the job, but i recommend a remote!
  • Lighting: from flashes to a regular lamp in your home! There are many ways to play around with light.
    • One idea: try using a flashlight in a dark room to focus on one element (your face, your hands, etc.).

With your phone: Sometimes all you have with you is your phone and you don’t want to take another arm-length selfie. No worries, there are tons of self-timer apps available to help you take better phone photos, download a few to find out which one you prefer, and try balancing your phone on a stable surface in front of you. Also don’t use the front-facing camera on the iPhone because it lowers the photo resolution. Always use the higher quality camera on the back of the phone. OR use a selfie stick… some apps remove the selfie stick from your photo!


“Try to have a vision before you start!”


Creating a Composite Self Portrait in Photoshop

That’s my favorite!

Shooting your self in a location and add something to the shot in post editing ( i use Adobe Photoshop ).

Experiment with photo editing and make the most of your photos!


Selfie2 from the vision book

Photo capture from “The Vision” e-book



  • Don’t force emotion!
    The camera never lies. Relax and be yourself.
  • Let it tell a story!
    A self portrait is a quick look into your mind. Think about how you want to convey a message of who you really are.
  • Learn from your mistakes!
    Review each photo and see what you can do better. Look at the light, emotion, does it convey the message or story. Change what doesn’t work and be critical.
  • Get creative!
    Composition is everything. Try new angles, try new crops, photography is art so think about ways in which you can mix things up.
  • Watch your background!
    You background is almost as important as you are in the self portrait. If it doesn’t relate to your story use a shallow depth of field to blur it out or change where you are shooting.
  • Try to overexpose/underexpose your photo!
  • Don’t always look directly at the camera!
    Look down, look up, look off camera or turn your back to the camera. It adds variety to your photos, and also gives you a chance to show of different angles of your outfit.  Not looking directly at the camera gives photos a more candid feel. It can make you look more natural, rather than posed and rigidly looking into a camera lens.
  • Remember, you can look at what you have and take more shots!
    Check the angle and lighting and find the most flattering position. I like to sit facing a window when I take photos (with the flash turned off). window light can be really nice on the skin.



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